Should i Invest in Higher or Lower Floor?

higher floor Vs lower floor in gurgaon

No matter which floor you choose to live in, each floor comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages, some more concerning than others. Read on to find out the positives and negatives of living in lower level floors vs living in higher level floors.

The Pros and Cons of Lower floor vs higher floor living are:

Top floor apartments Pros:

  • Less prone to theft and pest attack
  • Less noise pollution
  • Low heating costs (electricity bill) in winters due to hot air rising concept
  • Better view from the balcony
  • Typically, the charges for higher floors is lesser and buyers interested in lower floors pay a premium
  • Some buildings let the top floor owner have access to the roof
  • Sunlight access to the higher floors is better resulting in reduced usage of artificial lights Exposure to dust is low on a higher floor causing less dust pollution

Top floor apartments Cons:

  • Movement of furniture, luggage or new items while shifting is a challenge
  • Electricity bills in summers is more due to increased exposure to sunlight during the day
  • At the time of a natural calamity, it is worrying to use the flight of stairs instead of lift Higher floors are not favorable with families having elderly; non-operational lifts would leave them using the staircase which will be an uphill task.

Low floor apartments Pros:

  • From accessibility point of view, one reaches the ground floor quickly, giving better access to parks, swimming pool and club house Heavy items can be moved in and out easily on the lower floors
  • Low floor apartments stay cool and that helps in reducing the electricity bill and AC consumption

Low floor apartments Cons

  • Prone to pest and burglary attack
  • High noise level which can be erratic if it is on a busy street
  • Higher heating costs during winters as low floor apartments usually stay cooler
  • Lack of privacy you have to cover all your windows with shades or curtains
  • Less access to natural light during day time and you have to rely on lamps most of the time.

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