Why do people love Ready to Move property in Gurgaon?

gurgaon ready to move property


A new trend is observed in home buying from the last couple of months. A number of home buyers are slowly heading towards ready-to-move homes than under-construction homes as going for the latter requires waiting for a couple of years’ to get possession. The reason is not hard to guess.

1. Immediately available:
Investors do not have to wait to move to their new home as it is ready and all a buyer has to do is to make payment, sign necessary documents, and get their baggage transported to the new place.

2. You get what you see:
In ready-to-move-in property you will get what you see and chances of getting duped by the developer is almost nil. You can see every aspects of the property, including its maintenance and interiors. One can easily judge whether the project specifications match the standards promised.

3. Easy to check legal status:
Since the property is already completed, one can easily check Occupancy Certificate, Completion Certificate and land titles, etc.

4. No HVAT tax:
No need to pay Haryana Value Added Tax if you are investing in ready-to-move-in property.

5. Have a feel of the neighborhood:
Before buying you can check the occupants of the area, the community and decide accordingly whether the area is good for you or not.

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