Pros & Cons of Living in a Penthouse


One of the various types of housing styles which is adopted largely in most of the apartments in India is the penthouses. The demand for penthouses has increased in various cities. A penthouse has both advantages and disadvantages.

The Benefits of Living in a Penthouse are:

  1. The best views in the house

Naturally, the first advantage that brings to mind when discussing penthouses is that the finest views in the neighborhood.

Imagine waking up and stepping outside the terrace or roof deck to watch the sun rise, or relax in the evening while the city lights twinkle below.

Of course, this all comes at a price as we’ll mention later on, however commanding great views is always a definite plus. Not to mention the possibility of enjoying private access to the building’s roof deck and use it as your very own party central!

  1. Noise-free, nuisance-free, neighbor -free – Absolute Privacy!

But the thing we love most about living in a penthouse is that by living high above the streets, without no neighbors around you or on top you, you get to enjoy peace and quiet whenever you want.

No thumping above your head…

No heels knocking on the floors…

No doors slamming, or hearing strange sounds, or eavesdropping on conversations and arguments whenever you go to the bathroom.

Only absolute privacy awaits you when you return home. Ah, bliss!

  1. No hassle home heating

A less evident advantage of living in a penthouse is that you get to pay less to heat your home in winter. And the reason is simple physics.

Since your home is located higher up, the warmth generated by other apartments in the building will naturally rise up and heat your penthouse as it does so. This comes at no extra cost to you, which will help make the heating bills more manageable during the winter months.

It’s also worth pointing out, however, that this advantage comes with a corresponding disadvantage: it’ll be more expensive to keep the place cool during summer.

  1. Plenty of Natural Light

As you are living on the roof-top, your house gets plenty of natural light. This makes your house look brighter and fresh.

  1. Symbol of High Status

Penthouses being expensive, people dwelling in it possess a high status symbol.

  1. Spacious

Generally, The Penthouses offers you comfortable living since the rooms are large and spacious. There are numerous facilities like gymnasium, Jacuzzi, barbeque area, office or work space and so on.

Cons of Living in a Penthouse:

  1. Due to its lavish lifestyle, the cost of the penthouse is much more than an ordinary apartment. Therefore it is an expensive real estate investment.
  2. People dwelling in the penthouse are isolated from the rest of the building.
  3. It is too exhaustive while running errands.
  4. Management and visitors may find it difficult to reach the highest level of the building.
  5. Home maintenance becomes very essential as you are dwelling at the top most part of the building, the house is more prone to dust, pollution and leaking roof.
  6. Elevator delays during the peak hours

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