Buy Vatika Turning Point under Vatika Shield Offer

Vatika The Turning Point, which is a premium residential launch comprises of Approx. 750 Apartments 2, 3 and 4 BHK sets of different sizes to be structured in 300 Acres integrated township. Sizes vary from 1150 square feet to 2150 square feet.

Vatika Shield offer is available in Subvention Payment Plan


  • While we’re busy building your dream home you be at peace by just paying 10% and nothing more till we offer possession which will take approx 4 years.
  • If u buy a house in Gurgaon while working here and 3 years down the line you get transferred, a medical contingency, markets nose dive (highly unlikely from where we are currently) or any other reason, please come and take the entire money back paid by you and buy ur family home wherever u wish to.
  • Downside is ours upside is all yours – Loss is ours, profits and home are all yours
  • And remember you’ve only paid 10% (525/ sq ft) of the property value which is approx 7 to 13 lacs depending on the size of your family needs.
  • So even if after 4 years your home appreciates by ₹500/ sqft, you’ve doubled ur investment which is more than 25% growth Y.O.Y Limited Inventory of ONLY 300 units under this scheme.

Vatika Turning Point


Project Site

Please call us at +918470930121

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