Know about Sohna Road Gurgaon

Sohna Road Gurgaon

Sohna Road Gurgaon has come up as one of the biggest residential cum commercial areas in Gurgaon in the last two years. Where there are high end residences and swanky offices, there is bound to be a growth in the surrounding infrastructure. Gurgaon is known for its high-life and Sohna Road offers a little sampling of the same.

Sohna Road Location Map:

Standard of Living

There are some really fancy family apartments, studio apartments, villas and units on rent at Sohna Road. Surprisingly enough, these residences are a lot cheaper than the average Gurgaon real estate property. If one is looking for cost effective housing solutions in Gurgaon, then Sohna Road is a pretty good option to explore.

Besides affordability, security is also another important aspect of living. Since the development of residences and commercial spaces at Sohna Road still isn’t complete, there are slight concerns, especially for women, at night. However, all housing complexes boast of great security features and living at Sohna Road is as safe as can possibly be.

In terms of commercial relevance too, Sohna Road is a viable point of investment. The presence of tech parks and business parks in the area has brought down the rent per unit dramatically around Sohna Road. There are many scalable modules that have been made available for bigger companies, while small and medium enterprises can avail smaller modules in commercially booming area.


The mall culture is especially prominent at Sohna Road, among all other areas in Gurgaon. This is basically because these places are actually mixed use projects that primarily offer work spaces and to support the work life of these companies, has options in shopping, wining and dining as well. Sohna Road has a good mix of malls which offer pocket friendly options to eat and drink as well as really ritzy ones too. Every 200 m there is a mall or business park that usually has a couple of great dining options within.

The shopping experience at these malls is also pretty diverse. One can see a weekend sale or festive sale going on in the common areas of the mall as well as showrooms that offer branded clothing and accessories for the avid shopper. Whether traditional clothing or modern, the styles are very urban and perfectly fit the work culture and the elite lifestyle that Gurgaon is known for.

All these amenities are essentially available within a 5 km radius or a 15 minute drive of most residences located at Sohna Road.


Before The closest metro station is HUDA City Centre and from there one can take a pre-paid auto to anywhere on Sohna Road. The roads are wide and allow for free vehicular movement in general. Additionally, Sohna Road is connected with major line of Gurgaon NH8, Gold Course Extension Road, Southern Periphery Road.


Infrastructure includes a number of civic amenities that drive the investment value of an area. Infrastructural facilities of some kinds are a lot more prominent at Sohna Road than others. For clarity, information on infrastructure has been categorized.


Some of the most high-end chain of schools have opened up branches along Sohna Road. Among such names are Delhi Public School, Ryan International and GD Goenka world School and GD Goenka University.


Sohna Road has got good option of Hotel like Fotune Select Excalibur hotel, Westin Sohna Resort.


Owing to the work culture and prevalent mall culture of Sohna Road, a number of chain restaurants as well as standalones have opened up and are doing very well. This is not only because of their appealing menu but also because of the niche market that each one has been able to create. The options available here cover both wining and dining. Some fine examples are Brewer Street, The Ancient Barbecue, Open Tap, China Chowk, Torgauer Brewpub, Pizza Vito, Biryani Blues and Caffe Madhouse.


Hospitals as well as other high-end, privately owned medical centres have come up at several places in every sector that is close to Sohna Road. One can avail the best medical treatment as well as other health related services at centres such as Paras Hospitals, Artemis Health Institute and Max Hospital.

Photos of Buildings on Sohna Road:



Sohna Road has got various range of projects. Below are the links of luxury properties on Sohna Road:

Central park 2:           

Tata Prmanti:             

Emaar MGF Palm Drive:

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